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Hi Everyone,

We are happy to introduce you to our new revenue sharing strategy.This strategy is mainly centered around you .We will concentrate more and more on revenue sharing model through referral system.


The main Idea here is that from now on for any customers that you refer to us and they buy from us we will share a percentage of what they are paying with you. These percentages depends on the total revenue generated from refereed.


Offering cheap products with excellent end user support makes us very desirable host and this is the main reason why this offer can generate good revenue for whoever take it seriously. Some hosts give higher percentages but their products are at least 2 or 3 times our products prices which makes the ordering rate of their products much lower and in result the referral system will not be as profitable.


Just to give you an idea how profitable this offer is for some products the 20% referral rate is more than 50% of the product profit margin. So basically you will profit from that product more than we do!!.


The referral percentages are divided on 3 main levels based on how many users you refer to us:


Referral Levels

Level 1:  if your total referred clients pay us less than 300$ per month you will be on this level and the percentage you will get for each referral is 10%. So if the user you referred got from us a package of 19$ you will get 1.90$ monthly paid to you by us

Level 2:  if your total referred clients pay us between 300$ and 900$ per month then your percentage will be 15% of what the customers are paying us

Level 3:  if your total referred clients pay us more than 900$ per month then your referral percentage will be 20% of what those clients are paying us.

Also if you referred a company and the deal is big we can agree on custom percentage depending on how much profit we create from this deal



How to get maximum advantage of this opportunity:


First: Know what we offer as that will help you recommend us. and here is a list of some of our offering


1- Cloud computing and cloud storage (cloud VPS) (we can install, configure and deploy  public and private cloud systems)

2- Normal VPS offering including both windows and linux VPS (all based in XEN for stability and performance reasons)

3- Hosting ,maintaining and fully support Microsoft based products and services like SharePoint, Dynamics, Exchange, Active Directory and Lync (this is good selling point for business)

4- Development services with emphasis on automation for virtualized infrastructure and cloud services

5- Custom automation solutions for users who own too many VPSes that do a common task like SEO (we already did some to a client that has 100’s of Windows VPSes and needed to automate their tasks of making sure all VPSes are doing what they supposed to do)

6- If in Quebec or Ontario we can do even do installation and support on premises for the client if needed.(for businesses only)


Second: some tips for successful referral campaign


1- Start by the place you work on, suggest to your company any products that you see suitable. We like doing deals with business and we will reward you with higher percentages depending on the total deal. (business deals are high value by default since they need SLA and support so you can get good income from it))(talk to us if you need any help or to know if we can support a solution)

2- Knock all doors: don’t underestimate any possible revenue source if you think posting the link in a website or even as a comment in a thread in other website will generate only one sale then do it. you will be surprize what a simple comment can generate sometimes

3- Write from your experience and be honest. All of you who got these emails have active products with us and you can easily talk from experience. (please never say anything false we are 100% against false advertisement or fake reviews)

4- Always post your referral link to all social websites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ , YouTube (make it in the comments of your videos) and make the post public if applicable (viewable by everyone).

5- Write in all the places that you can be headed at. If you are active in web forum then post a thread there explaining the service and have your referral link. Try always to make a use case that would interest that forum members

6- If you own a website then post the link in header, footer, the about page or in all of these locations.

7- Write in your own language. If you speak any language other than English then try to post the link for those users.  Post in all forums that has large user base as well as all hosting related forums of that language.

8- Maintain your referral threads. If you make a forum post reviewing our services and got questions on that thread please answer them or point us to the thread so we can answer them if they are in English. (you can ask us the questions and translate the answers if it is in different language)

9- Even if the forum you want to post the link to has another thread reviewing our services . post another thread with your link you never know which link will be clicked



How to activate your referral Account:

1-      Go to our client area at

2-      Then click on Affiliates tab there click on Activate Affiliate Account.



How to build your affiliate Links:

on the Affiliates tab on your client area you should see Your Unique Referral Link Which looks like this    (XXX is replaced by your referral id)

We are only interested in the last part which is  aff=XXX.

Now any link you make should have this part aff=XXX added to it.

So if you want to link to our main website use the link aff=XXX

If you are looking to link to our extremely cheap offers use the link

Remember when attaching the aff=XXX part that if it was the first variable after / then attach it as ?aff=XXX

And if there are some other variables use &aff=XXX



Stats about your affiliate campaign:

You can get statists about your referral activities from the referral tab in your client area but for main page referral link like this one aff=XXX the visitors count will not be incremented


Rules and notes:

1- Even if you refer someone or a company by word of mouth just inform us who the user is and we will mark that user as referred by you so that you can get percentage of what  the user is paying for

2- Upgrading from one referral level to another is manual. You have to ask us to upgrade if you see that you meet the requirements of the next level

3- Referral percentage will be fixed at 5% for any product that is 7$/Month or less and yearly only packages regardless of your current level

4- Referral calculation are done first day of the month and referral payments are done by request

5- Minimum referral payment is 25$ so you have to collect at least 25$ in referral credit to ask for payment ( this is manly to decrease referral payment processing overhead from our part)

6- We reserve the right to change the conditions or stop this offer in the future.

7- The money we will be paid out using PayPal (can agree on bank transfer for larger amounts)

8- This system is in place to generate new leads for our company and the one who generate the leads will get benefits so if we feel that the affiliate accounts is used to abuse the system by injecting the referral code or trying to capture future leads at last stages of purchase process we may terminate the affiliate account at any time.



to download this document use this link



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