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Full Redundancy:

All our hardware are fully redundant to eliminate any single point of failure

This redundancy is even done on the most expensive network components such as routers,switches and even SAN storage switches

Redundancy didn’t stop at hardware, We are managing our own multi-homed network (more than 1 internet provider in case one of them fails, our users shouldn’t be affected)

and even our storage system is completely redundant. (redundant controllers and all drives are mirrored)

Also we can offer High availability VM hosting which will not go offline even if the underlying server goes offline and even the VM itself shouldn’t be restarted.

What Kind of content you allow in your service?

Any contents that are considered legal in Canada is accepted on our service with the exception of

1.Adult/porno related content (even legal ones are not allowed at all)

2.IRC servers (we may be a bit permissive for IRC depending ont he use case, please contact us if you intend to use the server for IRC)

3.Public proxy servers (we accept personal and company VPN or proxies servers)

4.Gambling related sites

I want to Test Download speeds from your live system?

Sure, here is the Looking Glass

Our Speedtest page

Can I get a test IP to test the ping speed to your servers?

Use this IP to test ping time

How Long does it take to deliver my product ?

That depends on the order. Usually setting up the Virtual Server is only 10 minutes, But some orders need screening from billing to make sure they are not fraud where order processing in these case can take several hours

I can use X payment method and it is not listed here?

If you have a payment method that is not listed here and you cannot use one of the methods listed here please contact us as we may be able to help you.

What payment methods you are accepting?

We accept Paypal, Alipay, all major Credit Cards (VISA, Master Card ) and Cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin ,Ether etc). We can accept checks sent by mail and bank transfers to our bank account for amounts more than 200$


Where is your servers located?

We are a Canadian company and all our servers are hosted in Montreal ,Qc
The advantage of this location is that we are so close to US market while we are not under the same laws as the US providers (e.g: PRISM, Tempora and patriot act)

Do you Have SLA with your Plans ?

All offers include the following monthly SLA

  • 99.9% and above –> normal operation
  • 99.0% and above –> 15% refund of monthly charges
  • 97.0% and above –> 30% refund of monthly charges
  • 95.0% and above –> 50% refund of monthly charges
  • Less than 95% –> 100% refund of monthly charges

Does your data center in Montreal use renewable energy?

Our data center is using 100% of its power from Hydro Quebec electric company

Hydro-Québec generate 99% of its power from renewable sources (water dams)

So more than 99% of our energy is renewable.
Not only that , our data center has state of art cooling technology that heavily depend on the cold weather of Canada which reduce the amount of energy and heat generated to cool the servers during cold months of the year.

Do you allow TOR nodes in your environment?

Yes, We do allow TOR intermediate nodes, but we don’t allow exit nodes.