Server Provider

Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) & Automation Services

Uptime SLA 99.9%

Our Real uptime easily exceed 99.99%

7 Days Full Refund Policy

You can ask for full refund within 7 days of purchasing your Server (no question asked)

True 24/7 support

Through our ticketing and chat systems we try to assist our customers in the fastest and most reliable way possible.

All Plans Include

– Unbeatable SLA

– unlimited bandwidth

– Enterprise SAN Storage

– Free Setup

Virtual Server Hosting

Big Storage Server

Our Selection of Storage servers start from  2TB storage to 10TB or even more. The Storage is based on ZFS raidz2 to keep the data safe. All offers are configurable with Windows OS addon. Also we offer cheap management addons for Linux offer to help users who are new to the Linux OS

Big Storage Silver

per month

5 TB Disk Space

  • 3 CPU Core dedicated
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100 mbps unlimited bandwidth
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Big Storage Gold

per month

20 TB Disk Space

  • 4 CPU Core dedicated
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 100 mbps unlimited bandwidth
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NVMe Server

Our Selection of NVMe Servers start from 6GB of ram up to multi GB of RAM. those plans offer high disk access rates and unbeatable IOPS. All offers are configurable with Windows OS addon.Also we offer cheap management addons for Linux offers to help users who are new to the Linux OS.

NVMe Cheetah 2

per month


  • 4 CPU Core
  • 240 GB NVMe Disk
  • 100 mbps unlimited bandwidth
  • Upto 3 IPv4 Free
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NVMe Cheetah 3

per month


  • 8 CPU Core Dedicated
  • 800 GB NVMe Disk
  • 100 mbps unlimited bandwidth
  • Upto 3 IPv4 Free
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Enterprise offering

Unlike most providers we offer quality Servers with high end SAN storage and full stack redundancy. Having High Availability options and daily backup add-ons means we can offer Servers that can and are being used in real critical and production environments

Network SLA 99.99%

We manage our own multi-homed network with full network stack hardware redundancy. This allowed us to have such high Network SLA. Due to our Tier-3 Datacenter (redundancy) we can offer such high SLA for Servers with promise to refund the users for any month where the availability of the Server goes below 99.9%

XenServer Virtual Servers

Unlike most OpenVZ providers where they oversell same resources to more than one customer (In OpenVZ you can sell on the same node 4X or even more the resources you have) that in result will give the user very bad experience. We only sell Xen based Servers which does not allow overselling

Experience the difference

We develop and maintain or own software tools to manage our infrastructure (Xenica) while vast majority of other providers use ready made tools that offer very little reliability and features.

Unmatched Support

Although this point is not much appreciated for first time Virtual Server customers it is the most important feature of any Virtual Server provider, that’s what experienced users already know and willing to pay small difference to get the amazing support. We are always ready on chat try us now by yourself

No Single point of failure

We are using 2 different power source, all our routers , switches are redundant and some of our storage solutions are fully backed up daily as extra protections for disaster situations.

Clean Record

Since our start in 2010 we have gotten constantly positive reviews. We have never paid for reviews which is common practice unfortunately

We Are Flexible

Since we control our stack fully including the software we can do any customization or special features especially for enterprise and bulk users, We usually create custom plans for the specific needs of our customers when they ask for it. We can negotiate great deals for bulk orders (we have users with 100+ VMs).